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How can I lead my team to work on a standardized way?
How can I reduce my costs related to non core business activities?
How can I manage a portfolio of numerous buildings?

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At FacOrg we combine a thorough comprehension of your facility and real estate business and a solid experience in the implementation of working methods, tools and reportings.

Thomas Verstraeten,
Founder & General Manager

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Who are we

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Founded in 2011, FacOrg is a Belgian consultancy company dedicated to facility management and real estate organisations.

Why Facorg

  • We always look for the best technical solution that answers your needs (from small MS Access databases to integrated FWIS or IWMS solutions). We provide independent advice and are not bound to a specific tool or re-seller.
  • We have a team of pro-active and autonomous consultants willing to implement fast and efficient solutions.
Thomas Verstraeten

Thomas Verstraeten

Kevin Huart Consultant

Kevin Huart

Yann Goffette Consultant

Yann Goffette

Yann Goffette Consultant

Jeff Thoelen

Jeremy Luctkens Consultant

Sonia Vande Velde

Olivier Heuss Consultant

Antoine Dozolme

Benjamin Wibrin Consultant

Cédric Vande Kerkhove

Devenir consultant

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Our Vision

The facility and real estate environment is changing rapidly :

  • New technologies have appeared and allow to automate and more easily monitor the different components of a building (alarms, access, cameras, consumption, works, elevators, meeting rooms, ...)
  • New regulations and standards have put the property managers under pressure in order to deliver reportings on environmental (BREAM, carbon neutral, Cradle2cradle, ISO, ...), social (Corporate Social Responsibility, ... ) or economic (budget monitoring, ...) domains.
  • Building managers turn more and more to asset managers under the combined influence of consolidation of the real estate firms (mergers, acquisitions, ...) and an increased budget pressure for cost centers.
  • Specialized software have made a breakthrough in Facility Management (Planon, Archibus, …) allowing to manage the real estate portfolio in a central tool.

Our Mission

In this context, FacOrg wants to be a reliable partner for real estate and facility managers.

  • We analyze with them their strategies and needs in terms of tools, procedures and reportings.
  • We assist users in the change process of tools, procedures and work instructions.
  • We implement, integrate and simplify the various tools, procedures and reportings to provide an integrated environment.

Independent advice is therefore necessary to ensure to make the right choices and to turn these projects into success.

Kevin Huart,

Project & Change Management

Procedures & Information Flow

Tools &


Project & Change

Our approach


We implement changes in the respect of the objectives we have agreed on at the beginning of the mission.

At FacOrg, we pay special attention at understanding your way of working and how things are effectively carried out on the work floor. Our consultants work closely with the actual and future users.

We also provide regular progress reports to the management in order to ensure that your needs are clearly met in the design of processes, tools and reportings.

Our skills

We have consultants trained and certified in project and change management: Prince2, PMI.

Procedures &
Information Flow

Our approach

Your procedures are sometimes not used anymore. There can be several rootcauses for this:

  • Too numerous and/or insufficiently uniform procedures resulting in confusion for users
  • Over-complex and/or administratively burdensome procedures
  • Obsolete procedures due to organizational changes or new tools
  • Non-documented procedures and/or with low distribution to the users

Our team can help you to work out the causes of these situations. Depending on this analysis, we elaborate a new approach and write, delete or adapt the involved procedures.

Our skills

We have consultants trained and certified in process management: BPM, ARIS, ITIL

Tools &

Our approach


We design or adapt your tools and databases so that they fully meet the procedures and the defined working methods.

We pay particular attention to implement tools that responds your procedures without resulting in an over-customisation of your tools.

Our skills

We have experienced consultants in functional analysis and work with your or freelance developers depending on the programming language.


Our approach


Based on appropriate tools, we design the reportings necessary for the strategic and operational management of your organisation.

These reports can be of several types:

  • Operational reporting: containing detailed information in order to be discussed in meetings
  • Management reporting: containing consolidated information in order to have an efficient overview of the situation
  • Control reporting: containing inconsistencies or omissions in the data in order to take the necessary corrective actions

Our skills

We have consultants trained and certified in business intelligence: Business Objects, Qlickview.

We are always looking for ...


Business Analyst

We are looking for a business analyst (project, process & change management)
You will work in close collaboration with the client and the project manager.

Your main tasks include:

  • Structure and document the business needs (animate workshops with end-users; write the program of needs; write specifications sheets;...)
  • Description and optimization of working methods and business processes
  • Coordination of software development (supervision of programming, redaction and coordination of user test, choice of functionalities, ...)
  • Training to users (user guide, presentations and explanation of changes to clients, ...)

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